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sarabjot singh manku

i have installed simatic wincc flex 2005 sp1 in my laptop. no problem was there while installing but after installing whenever i am trying to open that software a message is displayed "no valid licence key found. the application will be closed"

plz help if anybody had experienced the same problem.
The check list is as below:
1. Check your License for the Flexi
2. If no problem with the license you have, download the hot fix available on the Siemens site. These are real funda problems from Siemens.
Hi Sarabjot,

What OS do you have? You may get this problem if you installed it on XP Home.

You can also get more info from the help file "InstallationGuide2005.pdf" which can be found on your installation directory, e.g., ...\Siemens\SIMATIC WinCC flexible\WinCC flexible 2005\Help.

If you downloaded that software what you have is software with no license. The SP1 was intended to be used as an upgrade to WinCC Flex 2005, but it is actually a full install. This is the way Siemens sometime does upgrades. In order to actually run the software you will need a license, which must be purchased.