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Hello everybody, for one of dc brushless servo motor we are looking for a "simple" driver. Most of the offered units have a lot of features that we do not require, for example the PID tuning. It would be sufficient to have a driver that converts our analogue input into current. We require a max current of 30-50, continious = 20. the bandwidth should be at 2-4 khz.

Are such simple units still available or is it necessary nowadays to purchase a full system with all extras ? Any recommendation is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Cameron Anderson

Most all servo drive that I have seen allow you to run it in current/torque mode where no tunning is required. Your just sending a +/- 10VDC analog command. There are many ifferent types of drive versions out there: Linear, 6-step (trap), or your more common sine or newer space vector. Take a look at "": and look at our amplifiers.

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