Simple, low cost audio file trigger / player


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What would be the easiest - simplest, and lowest cost approach to trigger and play an audio file from a switched input? This needs to be totally embedded and self running. Power on - and it should be ready to play.

When a (motion sensor) switch is triggered, I need an audio file to be played - (output to a powered speaker system).

Needs to be robust - should run 24/7 for years.

One approach is obviously to play a stored wav file from a small embedded SBC (like a PC104 or Raspberry-Pi) running a Linux embedded OS. Then connect the audio out to the amp/speakers. I find this however to be cumbersome and relatively expensive. I'm also not a SW programmer - so it would take me some time to make it work.

Some amps have a USB input- where I could connect a cheap MP3 player, but how can I trigger it to play?

Any other ideas / suggestions / recommendations?

Cost target < $40 (excluding amp & speakers)