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What I'm looking for is a simple timer program for an Allen-Bradley SLC100/150 that will control a "traffic light". I just want to turn on 1 input, then three outputs will time in sequence to operate the traffic light e.g. output 1 on for 15 sec, then off with output 2 on for 5 sec., then output 3 on for 15 sec., and just have the cycle loop.
Sounds like a training exercise ?

If yes, I question the value of someone else giving the answers !

ray pike
OK. This will be a simple program which will have 6 rungs.

1st rung: Take the input (say I;1.0/0)and also take NOT (normally closed)two outputs for the yellow and green lights. (say O:2.0/1 and O:2.0/2). So you have 3 i.e one NO and two NC contacts. Give this to a timer.Say T4.1 of say 15 sec.

2nd rung: Take NC of timer T4.1 contact and give it to the O/P say O:2.0/0.This will the O/P for RED traffic light.

3rd rung: Take NO contact of T4.1 and give it to second timer T4.2 of 20 seconds.

4th rung: Tanke NC of T4.2 and NC contact of output O:2.0/0 and give it to another output O:2.0/1 for YELLOW traffic light.

5th rung: Tanke NO contact of T4.2 and give it to another timer T4.3 of 30 seconds.

6th rung: Take NC contact of T4.3 and NC contact of O2.0/1 and give it to another output O:2.0/2 for GREEN traffic light.

This program will turn on the 3 traffic lights one after the other sequentially. But since you have one input I:1.0/0 at the 1st rung, you will have to give this input each time to start the sequence. If you want this to happen automatically, just remove the input contact I:1.0/0.

I hope this is waht you wanted. If this is not you want just let me know.