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Hello everyone,

I need a simple OPC server to monitor the overall health of 16 switches in a network. Preferably a freeware program but this is not necessary. Does anyone have a good suggestion for me?

Second question is there an IOD, and what is its object name, for the overall health of a switch? The switches that I use are a Hirschmann Lion-24 TP and a HIrschmann Power Mice.

So the final product that I would like is a SNMP to OPC server with 16 entries where each entry gives the overall health of one of the switches.

Thank you for your help,

Peter Vis
I just happen to read today's email from Matrikon touting their white paper entitled "Maintaining Healthy IT Assets", published just recently, July 2006.

I downloaded the 2 page white paper and it seems that Matrikon's OPC server for SNMP "provides connectivity to all their SMNP compliant devices such as network switches, routers, UPS systems and other network devices, just like Peter asks for.

What timing, Peter! Would I be out of line to suspect a planted question?

In any case, inquiring minds can read the white paper for themselves, by registering at Matrikon's web site:

Dan W
Kepware is a supplier of Industrial SNMP monitoring solutions. In 1997 we purchased COI Software. We have since redeveloped the solution and have integrated it with our KEPServer solution. This is available through most automation channels, both OEMs and Distribution and is also directly available from Kepware at