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Rich A

I'm looking for a CNC type hand wheel that I can attach directly to a stepper drive (no controller)When you turn the wheel the motor turns.
Try Applied Motion Products @ 800-525-1609 (Califoria time). They have a very simple setup using a TTL generating encoder.

Guy H. Looney

Very simple to do if you know the output your hand wheel is giving. If you
can answer the following questions, you can take the next step & select what
system to use. FYI, you could also use a servo if the stepper doesn't meet
the performance spec's you're looking for (I've done it).

In regards to the hand wheel:

1) Is it giving CCW and CW pulses depending on direction?
2) Is it giving a step & direction signal?
3) Is it only giving a pulse train with no regard to direction?
4) What is the voltage level? If it's something other than 0 - 5 VDC, you
might have to use a voltage divider to limit the voltage level.
5) What is the max frequency of the output signal?
6) What is the pulse width of the output signal?
7) What's the resolution of the hand wheel (how many pulses per rev)?


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It seems that many do not understand your request, I have been around a long time and remember a product whih used to be refered to as Sel-Syn. It was not a stepper system per-say but involved two motor/generator devices (or more), which would always remain positionally in sync (within parameters. No drive was required, but I believe that external excitation of the windings was needed. Whether this technology is still available is doubtfull.