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Bruce Cincotta

I have a non critical application in which I would like to trend 3 of 4 variables (temp, flow, etc.) on a graph. Is it possible to do it using only an existing Panelview 1000 and a SLC 5/03?

Or must I buy a paperless recorder?

I would likely keep 100 datapoints per variable.

darcy oldfield

I do not believe that the Panelviews can do trending. Omron screens have some nice trending and can hook-up to the RS232 port on the SLC5/03. Another thing which might work is to get a scada system and record your info into a computer database. Elipse software has some nice features and is a nice price also.

Bruce Cincotta

Problem is I don't have a PC hooxed up. The system is mobile and cost is important. I was hoping to make do with the equipment already there.

Mike Wehrenberg

There is no trending object for Panelview 1000 (unless it is the enhanced panelview 1000E). Assuming it is a standard panelview, then the only way to simulate a trend is to put multiple bargraph objects on the screen side-by-side and have each bargraph reference the individual trend points you store in the data file registers of the SLC5/03. You will not be able to get 100 points up on a screen at one time. You will need to create multiple side-by-side bargraph arrangements to display multiple trends (they will not be like multiple pens on a chart). Not real pretty but it may work. Your other options are a true pen-based chart tied to the analog, a
PC with TrendX and RSLinx software, or an enhanced Panelview that does support trend charts - Panelview 1000E is a drop in replacement for Panelview 1000 - some part numbers are
2711EK10C6 on DH+ or RIO (color keypad)
2711ET10C6 on DH+ or RIO (color touch)

Mike Wehrenberg
Kendall Electric
Pro-face has a dozen Touch Screen HMI's from 5" to 12.1" that can do this. We can trend upto 200 variables, connect to a 5/03 using DH485 or DF1 directly and store the trend data in battery backed SRAM or to compact flash card or to upload later via ethernet.