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How do I simulate PLC/SCADA on my two PC´s.
SCADA running on one computer, and my (any) PLC-simulator/programmer running on the other. My PC´s are connected by direct cabeling.... Anyone??

What software can do this and where can I get/download it???


Interesting project. First I don't know what SCADA you are using, for sake of argument I will assume that it has an OPC Server. Given this being the case this might be how I would go about it. SIEMENS has a product PLC SIMM, now normally this product simply acts as a S7 300/400 PLC (meaning that you download a S7 300/400 project to this software product). The interesting aspect is that this product comes with PLC SIMM
/PRO. This is an Active X control that has properties/methods for read/write operations
to the PLC SIMM. I would then write a VB app that would access this data and then in this same application build in an OPC client (automation interface provided at "": ). This application would then communicate to the OPC Server of the SCADA.

There are probably many ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. More information regarding your SCADA and PLC simulator would prove helpful. Hopefully I triggered a few ideas.

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Do yourself and anyone who is to work with your end product a favor and do not do it this way! I don't want to remember how often I have had to hunch over my protocol analyzer to try to determine what mistakes were made by the designers of a new system (who used just the way you describe to build their product). Protocol descriptions have holes in them. Hardware does not quite work the way it is described. The outcome for you will be that someone else will have to point out the error in your interpretation. Even if you are right, and the hardware is wrong, do you win by supplying something that you end user will have trouble with? If the job is worth doing it's worth getting the right hardware. Borrow it, rent it - but get it.


Raymond van der Tas

To run simulated (or real) PLC(S) on one computer and SCADA on one or more other computers, this is how you do it:
- you select your favorite PLC vendor and ask them about their simulation capabilities. Most if not any PLC vendor can help you. To name a few:
- Beckhoff (TwinCat)
- Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicon
- Softing, Phoenix,....

All of these PLCs (hard/soft control) are OPC-enabled and thus allow you to network its exposed data. In the rare case that they are not natively OPC Enabled, you can contact one of their partners who can provide you an OPC Server that interfaces to the (simulation) PLC.

- you now select your favorite SCADA package. Most, if not any SCADA/HMI is OPC enabled. This means that it can act as an OPC Client (and sometimes as an OPC Server). In your case you only need its OPC client capabilities.

- There is no programming required from your side.
(But, if you like to program you can also use the OPC Automation Object model and connect to the local or networked OPC Server(s). See )

- If you even want to take it one step further to allow yourself E-Learing, E-Simulation capabilities to remotely (e.g. internet, dialup) connect to your OPC Enabled Simulation PLCs you should check out GENESIS32 SCADA/HMI on it allows OPC communications over intranets or Internet.

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It depends on what you're trying to do.

Hugo seems to think you want to develop a product that communicates witha a simulated, rather than actual, target PLC.

Roger seems to think you've got a SCADA package and need to simulate a PLC (presumably to create a low-cost environment for configuring/testing an

From your email, I didn't get the impression that you had chosen either a SCADA package or a PLC. Apparently you've just got two PCs hooked together (ethernet? straight-through 9-wire serial cable? null-modem RS-232?), which doesn't give us any clue what you want to use them for.

As recent posts to this list have pointed out, it's generally fruitless for us to recommend a solution without knowing what the problem is.


Greg Goodman
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> Protocol descriptions have holes in them. Hardware does not quite work
> the way it is described.

That's true for the protocols, but not necessarily for the process being controlled.

Especially if the point of the simulation is something like comparing various configurations of the process - sure, you can use queuing theory, but sometimes it's just easier to code up a simulation of each option and run it for a few hours at 10x speed.

Jiri Baum <[email protected]>
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If you are using Modicon PLCs and Concept software, the simulator is available with the software. We have had occasions where an integrator has needed to test a SCADA application, and they have sucessfully connected Intellution and Wonderware to the simulator, either on 2 PCs connected to an ethernet network,
or by running them both on the same PC. Simply put in the IP address of the PC running the simulator in your SCADA package and it will talk to the simulator as if it's talking to a PLC over TCP/IP.