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I installed Experion server node from Experion PKS DVD initialization. But when I want to load controller to monitoring environment, the controller could not establish a connection (Errror code:7007).

Right now, I have this question that is there any solution for solving this issue? Really I surf in internet about it, someone said that it's tricky. Please help me. I do not know why this package did not install during installation procedure.
Do you have a physical controller installed and configured? If not, you can only save to project. The simulation environment requires a separate PC for installation and running of the simulation environment.

If you are a Honeywell customer, you should signup for their website to get all their support and manuals on-line.
Unified simulation environment is different from what I need to simulate the controller. I mean, there is a "Honeywell Simulation Control Environment" package within the Experion PKS DVD. I found out that this package should be installed in order to simulate the SIM_C300 controller in the Honeywell Experion PKS software. Do you have any idea about how to install this package?

Although it is a little bit late, maybe helps.

1. Just after launching the setup for SCE (sim.control envr.), do not click next. Go to win->run->regedit instead, where you have to navigate thru:

2. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Honeywell\TPS50\InstallInfo.

3. Create a key named: <b>AccountValues</b>. And then create a String Value <b>MngrPassword</b>.

4. Enter as a value mngr account.

5. Then browse thru: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Honeywell\TPS50\GenericComm Layer\HostConfig

6. Find the string PsCdaCeeNtComm and PsCdaCeeNPeer, and edit both as '.'

7. After that you can click next to continue the installation of SCE.
Were you ever able to resolve your issue with error 7007? I'm getting the same error, while trying to load my sim-C300 controllers.

My Experion server and my simulation environment are both R410.8. What is interesting is that I'm able to load a sim-ACE to the sim server, but I cant load sim-C300 controllers to that same server.

This implies that the experion server is able to communicate with the sim server.

Many thanks in advance for y'alls help.