Simulation of an overhead crane


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I am currently looking for a mathematical model for an electric motor that I can implement into Matlab.Know where I can find relevant info?
The motor is an inverter driven induction motor.I am trying to relate the voltage or current applied to motor to the force that it produces. Additional information such as the motors parameters (stator inductance, rotor inductance, etc.) would also be very useful.
I found a good simulation of an overhead crane in matlab but you must have MSC.visualNastran 4D. I can't find a free trial of this program on the web and I would like to know if you made a complete model of the overhead crane ? If your answer is YES can you send me your model(*.mdl)It's for a student application.

Thank you
Use the macromedia flas mx to a neuro fuzzy logic controller for wheel the overhead crane hibrid system, non brushless motor. use the stepper motor for this operation and a inverter driver motorola or ingersoll rand. Need a rate controller for bridge, troller and hoist system and a rail 90º rotate giratory controller and lift controller for x axes bridge circulating


Send me yours experiences on this work