Simulation of PID Loops

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Dear all, How can you simulate the PID loop in the lab?

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If you have a mathematical model of the process then you can use a simulation language like MATLAB/SIMULINK. Regards, Josue Portal
Dear Shahid! You can write the s/w to get an o/p which may be change as per PID values & simulate it in stand alone PLC. Regards upendra

sukka ayazlý

I'm a student at control engineering. I have tazes in a simulation of a dead time controller on a PID controller. Its a kind of different control system analyzer. different from zieggler-nichols method. so I have to find some informations about. dead time systems. And after that I have to make a simulation on Matlab simulink program. If you can help I would be glad to. thank you for your attention.

Rajesh Mehta

Dear Shahid,

The best guys to help you would be the Siemens as I see that you will be working on a Siemens control system whether Teleperm XP/ ME or Simantic.

Well, it again depends on what kind of process parameters you are controlling. Normally, you have simulation tables created for checking the response time of the PID loop. These tables are based on the actual process data collected from a similar plant over a period of time and especially during the process disturbances.

The simplest tests I have conducted are connecting a sinusidal waveform to get steady state response & step wave for step response.

Besides, have also done some tests by manullay changing the input to the PID loop. In any case, once you put your application to practice, you will need to tune the values of P, I & D constants. All you can verify by simulation without actual plant like condition is whether there is something seriouly wrong like the feedback connected wrongly.

Rest is all tested in the field. Don't bother too much about simulation until unless you are doing research only.

dear shaid
i have seen festo function generator.from which we can give give different types input(with different slopes)to an PID controller.and also can check it output.
Contact Dr. Wade at Wade Associates for a copy of PC-Control Lab software. There are standard controller models available. There are standard process models or you can build your own:
Wade Associates
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get a copy of the controller/process simulator that Expertune offers:



I can give you a toolbox for s7 PLC with a simulation of order 1 system (the imput value is the manipulated value of the PID FB and the output value is the process variable of the PID FB), backward FB etc.

Hello Shahid,
i am X.ABB Engineer, i quite often simulate PID Loop using the Controller without any input or output connected, if you still need the program i can send you.
There is an inexpensive program from David W. St. Clair that allows you to play with PID loops. You can get an excellent book on PID control and the companion software for about $26 from:

Straight-Line Controls Co.,Inc.
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To simulating a PID loop, you can go to, where you can download the source code. You will be able to see everything inside the PID controller and make any changes you like. You can also use it to evaluate different PID controller auto-tuning tools, etc.

If you have a mathematical model of the process then you can use a simulation language like MATLAB/SIMULINK. Regards, Josue Portal