Simulator interface to Honeywell GUS stations


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Eirik Ohr

I am looking for some HW and or SW that enables me to communicate with the Honeywell GUS stations. Our simulation model consists of unit models for process equipment as well as models for the different points residing in an Honeywell PM / APM or HPM controller node. The communication protocol I am looking for should enable me to communicate with the GUS stations in the same way as a real LCN network communicates with the GUS.
Your requirement is not clear.
You may try IAT (industrial Automation Technology). Please check their web site and consult with Ted Spears at Tel: (623) 572-9286.

Won Chul Shin, P. Eng.
Senior Design Engineer
Fluor Daniel Canada Inc.
nHance Technologies provides a precise emulation of the GUS HMI on a PC using Windows NT/2000/XP (this captures the "look and feel" of the actual DCS) as well as simulation of the TDC 3000 control logic that can be interfaced with a dynamic process model. This system provides an improved simulator performance for both engineering or operator training simulators at a lower cost than directly interfacing with the DCS vendor's HW/SW. Contact [email protected] or (434)582-6110 X 12.