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Yamashita Taiichiro

Hello, lists, this is Yamashita, electric eng.
Does anyone know a sort of sine wave generator ?
Some equipment, like isolator or some amplifiers, and we can get clear analog sine wave signal.

Must control its frequency, 1 Hz to around 50 Hz, and the voltage should be from 0 V to 10V, I mean the peak to peak is from -10V to 10V.

Best regards.
several japanese companies make these like
hioki and yokogawa-hp. also i think trio and kenwood and other companies in the audio and instrumentation business.


Curt Wuollet


HP (and others) make several that are controllable for level and frequency through a IEEE488 (HPIB) bus. Pretty spendy though. National Instruments or such might have something
you can do with a DAQ card.



Michael Griffin

I'm not sure what some of your statements mean. Is there any reason though that you can't use a function generator? If you are an "electric
eng." then you must have used one in your labs in school which is why I am afraid I might be misunderstanding something about your question.

You should find a good selection of function generators in a catalogue that sells basic test equipment. The cheapest, simplest one is probably more than good enough for your stated needs. How much current do you need? I think that 50 ohms is a fairly standard output impedance, but
you ought to check the specs.

If you have lots of spare time on your hands, then a lot of basic electronics hobby books have projects to build your own. Your frequency requirements are very limited, but I don't know how much signal distortion the simple function generator projects would give you at low frequencies (or how much you can tolerate).

Some oscilloscopes have a test signal output, but I can't recall seeing any that met your specs. If you have a scope available though (or plan to buy one), you might check to see if it can give you a test signal you can use. This last idea is rather unlikely though.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
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