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Can any one recommend a device/converter/hub that can take on SINEC H1 Cable connection and convert it into Ethernet. Actually we want to integrate a PC with an ethernet card to the SINEC H1 network.

Tony R. Gunderman

Depending on where you want to do the conversion, an AUI to Ethernet 10-BaseT transceiver may be all that you need. We have used Bay Networks 928A transceivers connected directly to a CP1434TF module (with the module providing power) to convert to 10-BaseT.

Tony R. Gunderman
Can we use this transceiver after the Bus Coupler (Transceiver - Siemens Bus Coupler (6GK1 901-0AA00-0AC0)?

Spot on. H1 uses only a lower layers from the OSI TCP/IP standard so as suggested, one AUI to TCP/IP adapter is all you need. The H1 will still operate on MAC codes however - so you will not be operating a true IP assigned Ethernet item - H1 is too simplified to achieve this - but it runs well on TCP/IP equipment with Cat5 wiring and switch hubs, etc. No change to firmware or comms cards is necessary.

No special programming of hubs/switches is needed either. The MAC ID will remain unchanged and the PG or LAN will communicate using H1 lower level communication protocol unaided.

This allows IT departments to take on the new LAN - ridding you of all your Siemens Transceivers. It is well worth the work.

You can mail me for more advise on markgray [at]
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