Sinec L2-DP from S5-95U to OP/17 and hydraulic encoder


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Tony Willard

I am trying to renew communications between a OP/17 via the PG port and a mannessman/rexroth hydrualic position encoder via sinec l2-dp port
on a seimens S5-95U plc. I think that i have to use com profibus software to set up the communications between the encoder and the plc via L2 but i dont have a gsd file for the encoder. I also want to know how to get the configuration into the plc and onto the EEPROM so that the plc on restart will know the bus configuration. I am not sure if the S5 is supposed to be the master or a slave. If it isnt then i would assume that the OP/17 is the master. Everything else works independently, i just cant get the info to the OP/17 so that i can make parameter changes to the DB block in the S5. Any info on this would be great. Thank you.