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I have trouble to downloading the data from the LL1200 to the Yokogawa US1000-11 controller. When I click the execute button, the popup will come out telling that "Respone timeout of INF command. Check communication conditions and if the controller is connected properly". I don't know what this means because I'm pretty sure that I have connected the controller correctly. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks.
Are you using LL1200 light loader tool? Have you selected the required parameters to set in US1000 controller? Have you set your PC's com port setting matching with US1000 communication parameters? Please let me know this, then I can help you out.

Anurag Rathi

When I upload the program from US1000 controller and try to save it, it gives error message "OVERFLOW." And i am not able to store the uploaded program.

Please help.