Sinking 12v via AB Micrologix 1200 Relay Output Card


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Mike Ellis

I have and AB Micrologix 1200 PLC and need to find an Output Relay card that will take in a number of 12v signals and sink them to zero volts, when I switch the output in the program.

I have had a look on the AB website and can't find what I am looking for in the 1200 range. Does anybody know if a Sink output card is available for this range, if not is there another model of PLC that will have a card that will do what I need?
If you can't find what you need, Acromag offers RS485 Modbus RTU slave dio cards. See Models 903MB-0900 or 902MB-0900. I believe the Micrologix supports Modbus RTU master function to allow a remote io solution.

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I had purchased an A-B MicroLogix 1500 LRP-C series along with 3 expansion modules 1769-OW16, 1769-OW8, 1769-OF2. I learned that since this base module cannot supply enough power to support all 3 modules, I will have to use an additional power supply module and connect the 3 modules into a separate rack and connect it with the main module using an expansion cable. I have used 1769-PA2 for the power supply.

Can anyone please guide me on how to recognize all these in the I/O configuration in the software RSLogix 500? When I drag and drop only the base modules and the expansion modules, the compiler is showing error due to overload in the base module, but when I add the power supply module along with the rest, the compiler shows error stating that more than one power supply cannot be used together.

Kindly guide me as to what I can do to recognize this hardware setup in the software.