SIWAREX U not reading LC data


We have a problem with SIWAREX U PLC card 7MH4950-2AA01 connected to CPU315-2PN/DP. 2 channels connected to 2 scales in plant.
Momentarily SIWAREX U card freezes and SF goes ON and it does not read any data from loadcell and scale HMI shows no reading even if the scale hopper is full of material.

During fault LC connected to both channels read normal value: Exe+&Exe-: 6.25v, sense+&Sense-: 6.1V and Sig+&Sig-: 4.4mVdc(depending on weight)

But when power to CPU and siwarex u card is reset, it resumes normal operation and starts displaying actual weight in hopper.

Is my Siwarex u card defective ? How to determine nature of fault?
Maybe someone will show up here that can answer your question (I can't), but sometimes a manufacturer's forum can provide quicker and more focused answers.

Siemens has a user forum named, Process Instrumentation / Analytics / Weighing Systems SIWAREX.

Any Siemens forum requires registration. It appears to me that the weighing systems questions generally get near factory level responses, even though it is user forum.

Siemens also has on-line email support, from the same site. One submits a "support request".

I'm registered and in the United States and the link below goes to the home page listing of the threads in that forum: