six segment Exhaust temperature control curve


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Hello All,

I feel is a wonderful site to learn many things related to gas turbine controls. I recently read about CSA explanation on exhaust temperature control (CPD Biased). I would want to know how this constant firing temperature lines are split into different segments and on what basis. How many segments we can make?.

Please answer my question?

Thanks for all your help.
The point at which two straight lines intersect each other is the point at which the functions of the two lines are equal to each other. In other words, for the same value of 'x' the 'y' values of the two lines ("segments") are equal to each other.

GE calls each sloped line a "segment."

The maximum number of "segments" is dependent on how much power the packager is trying to wring out of the turbine. Sometimes a single line will do to approximate a constant firing temperature. Sometimes two or three are required to prevent over firing the turbine at some loads.

I have never seen a Speedtronic use more than four "segments" for a single fuel. The exhaust temp Control Constant array has eight possible "segments".
Thank you CSA for giving good explanation. I will continue reading posts and post a thread in case of any questions.