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hi all,

where skin thermocuple should be used? and when is it used it is necessary to provide glavanic optical isolater at the control room? what reason behind that if it is yes?
Skin thermocouple is generally used to measure the tube metal temperature of Fired heaters, boilers (superheater tube metal temp), etc. Their accuracy will be in the range of +/- 20 deg c.

Mihir Ramkrishna

Skin thermocouple is used in our extruder to measure the temperatuer of the barrel outer surface. Normally, the barrell temperature is being mesured and controlled using another temperature element. Simultaneously, these skin thermocouples provide measure of the barrell outside surface temperature. This is required to ensure that there is to melt jamming or internal fire in the barrell. In our case there is a definite difference in readings of both the temperature readings indicating healthy conditions.

We convert the MV signal to 4-20 ma by using a mv/ma converter mounted in the field JB>