(Slave device) MB ---- BM85 ---> MB+ (Quantum, NOM)


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I need a help. I want to read the register 3x a Slave device with a Quantum PLC (NOM) through of BM-85, but i don't know configure the bm-85. whats efb blocks in concept i use? which is the routing path in bm-85? what routing path should I set in blocks of concept taking into account that I use a NOM? very little of this subject domain.

Excuse my English, I'm from Venezuela
Go to a Schneider web site and download the BM85 manual. There is very little setup required for the method you are using. In the controller program, use the MBP_MSTR function to address first the BM85 and then the port (serial port) and then the slave device. example, slave device 1 on port 3 (of BM850), with BM85 Modbus Plus address of 21. Routing in MSTR function is 21,3,1,0,0. Note, the MSTR function can only read/write to 4xxxxx addresses references.
I can help you, its not possible to read 3xx registers, but BM85 configuration, i can send you a word file whth precision instruction to configuration the BM85, that write for me (in spanish I'm from México), send me your email to send you file