SLC-100 DOS Software Needed..


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Howdy folks,

I purchased an AB SLC-100 second-hand a while back, and the seller didn't have the software...or even the serial cable...

At this point, i'm just trying to locate the old DOS-based software that goes with it.

Any help would be much appreciated..

Many thanks!
Keep an eye on Ebay, they have a lot of the old SLC100/150 stuff there. You'll need the interface module to talk to one, about $400 from AB, really cheap on Ebay.
Rockwell is offering the 10 point micrologix 1000 units at a discount, and they have a free version of RSLogix 500 that is limited to programming the 10 point units. With the PLC and a cable you will have less than 200 bucks into this.

SLC100/150's are obsolete. Check this link out for the free download; you can also download RSLinx lite at the same location.
Please could u send me a copy of slc 100 software, as we have it on a very old ibm model and we cannot transfer it to a newer pc as we need in the university
I would appreciate your reply

Ahmed Bahnassawy
Faculty of Engineering

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