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randy meyle

I can access this old Allen Bradley SLC 150 with the PCIS software installed in my PC running ME and a standard serial port using a 1745-PCC interface. However, the same software installed on a laptop running XP with a USB to serial converter doesn't work. USB port is on COM1, 9600 baud, parity none, stop bits 1. I can use this USB/ serial port to communicate with newer Micrologix and Koyo PLCs with no problem. With the SLC 150, the PCIS program locks up whenever I attempt to save, clear, monitor or read the SLC program. Any ideas?



You've done better than most. PCIS barely runs under DOS6.22, and generally fails under anything newer than that. It's very primitive software, and wants to access hardware and resources in ways that made sense in a 286 or 386SX PC, but don't make sense anymore. I've never seen it work well on any Windows computer.

The USB to Serial interface is yet another challenge. USB doesn't pass through the real interrupts that the old Allen-Bradley drivers rely upon.

You mention that you have modern Allen-Bradley and Koyo small controllers in your plant as well. I seriously urge you to consider replacing the well-used SLC with a modern controller that is convenient to work with. No SLC program could ever be large enough to present a conversion challenge.

Or, you could do what I do: Keep an old 386SX laptop or two around to run old software in its native environment.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida