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Richard Desforges

I'm interested to know how we can see the program of the eeprom
downloaded to the slc 5/03..
i am using rs logic 500, and right now i do not see nothing (ladder or
sfc) ???.

How ???

Thanks you
Richard Desforges

Using RS-Logix500 there is not a direct way of viewing the program stored on
the EEPROM cartridge. However, you can upload the program stored on the
EEPROM to the processor and then upload the program from the processor to
your programming PC.

Please note that if you upload the program from the EEPROM to the processor
it will overwrite the program currently in the processor with whatever is
stored on the EEPROM cartridge.

Let me know if you need or want more information.

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When an SLC-5/03 powers on with an EEPROM installed, it reviews the Status file
of the program installed in the EEPROM to determine how to start up.

Depending on the state of certain bit registers, as well as the validity and
checksum of the program in RAM, the SLC will load the EEPROM program and
enter a specific mode, or it will just leave the existing program in memory and
enter RUN mode.

I won't try to restate the function of those bits here; they're fully
documented in the SLC-500 Instruction Set Reference, Publication 1747-6.15,
Appendix B. It's available from or

It sounds maybe like somebody gave you an EEPROM to load into a default
processor but it wasn't set to automatically load. To get that program into SLC
memory, pull down the Comms menu from the main toolbar (while online), choose
EEPROM, then Load from EEPROM.

You can't view the program in an EEPROM without loading it into memory.


Ken Roach
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R A Peterson

There are some status bits that control the power on action of the EEPROM.
In your case these bits seem to be set to load from EEPROM and run on power

You can "burn" an EEPROM using the programming software. PLC must not be in
run mode to burn prom. This action will copy the program stored in the PLC
RAM to the EEPROM.

Daniel Boudreault

Hello David,

If you have RSLogix500, then it is simple.
Load your newest program from your HD, then
select \Comms\EEPROM\Store to EEPROM command
in your menu bar.

Dan B.

roland tignor

Does the plc have a program in it? Can you get online and watch it? Can you get the "who active to work"?