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David Diaz Burgos

Hi list:

We are working with a SLC 5/03 connected to a DTAM terminal. Our problem is that every time the power supply fails, the program resident
in the EEPROM goes back to the RAM, and the recent changes disappear.

What is the way to store in the EEPROM a new program?

Thanks in advance,

David Diaz
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R A Peterson

There are some status bits that control the power on action of the EEPROM. In your case these bits seem to be set to load from EEPROM and run on power up.

You can "burn" an EEPROM using the programming software. PLC must not be in run mode to burn prom. This action will copy the program stored in the PLC RAM to the EEPROM.

Daniel Boudreault

Hello David,

If you have RSLogix500, then it is simple.
Load your newest program from your HD, then
select \Comms\EEPROM\Store to EEPROM command
in your menu bar.

Dan B.

Gabriel Wamiti

Find below the information available from the status file of Rslogix 500 under status and on the column of Mem Module. .
Load Memory Module Always S:1/11

''When this bit is set, you can overwrite a processor program with a memory module program by cycling processor power. A programming device is not required. When this bit is set this overwriting process occurs every time you cycle power.

If you leave the memory module installed, the overwriting process, including data tables, is repeated each time you cycle power. The mode is
changed to REM Run each and every power cycle.

The memory module you install in the processor must have status file bit S:1/11 set. Loading takes place if the master password and/or password in the processor and memory module match. Loading can also take place if the processor has neither a password nor a master password.

When S:1/11 is also set in the status file of the user program in RAM, the memory module must be installed at all times to enter the REM Run or REM Test modes''

Reset the s:1/11 bit using Rslogix 500 software and all your problems are gone.
Good luck

David Diaz Burgos

Hi list:

Maybe my original message was a bit confusing...
I am interested in knowing how to store in the SLC 5/03 EEPROM a new program, because we have tried almost everything with RSLogix500, but
when the power supply is cycled, the old program is loaded in the CPU memory.

Thanks in advance,

David Diaz
Hello David,

Updating the program stored on a SLC EEPROM is a straight forward process. However, please be careful. To update the EEPROM you must stop the PLC. Stopping the PLC will mean stopping the process or machine that the PLC is controlling. Make sure that Everything is in a known safe state before you stop the PLC. The steps to update the EEPROM are listed below.

Step 1. Start up RSLogix-500 software and connect to PLC.

Step 2. Change the processor to Program mode. Putting the the processor in program mode will stop whatever the processor is controlling. Make sure the process or machine is in a safe state before putting the processor in Program Mode.

Step 3. Select the Comms menu Item. Select the EEPROM menu choice. Select the Store to EEPROM option. The processor will now take the memory contents of the processor and overwrite whatever is stored on the EEPROM. This will update the EEPROM with the current program and data.

Step 4. Put the processor back in Run mode.

Step 5. You are done. The EEPROM now has an updated copy of the processor's program. Remember any time a change is made to the SLC's program this process will need to be repeated to update the EEPROM.

If you have any questions let me know.

Bradley G. Hite
Intertech Inc.
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Daniel Boudreault

Hello David,

I am not sure if this is the quickest way...
1. Start RSLogix500.
2. Connect to the plc (SLC).
3. Make sure that the program that you have loaded in RSLogix500
is the latest and greatest ladder file. Do this by "verifying"...
4. The go to Comm/EEPROM/Store to EEPROM.
5. The EEPROM should now contain the "new" program.
6. Verify what is stored in EEPROM...While Online, go to
Comm/EEPROM/Load from EEPROM.
7. You should get the program that you just burned (saved).

I am wondering if you have a bad EEPROM?
It shouldn't be that difficult.

Dan Boudreault