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Sandeep Shroff

Hello List Members

I request all PLC Stalwarts for help. I am deseparately in need of the following.

I am developing a DF1 Master driver for SLC 5/03 on linux. The coding for the driver is almost complete. I need to test the driver. Presently I donot have any hardware for testing. So I want to do the testing on the simulated environment. I want to know if there exists any SLC 5 / 03
Slave simulator software.

I request you to point me some direction on the above issue. Or has any body developed such a PC based utility and is interested in sharing this
with me .

Thanking you in anticipation

Sandeep Shroff

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i have also a problem,pls give me an idea what should i propose(anything that is possible to become automated and is cheaper to be,


Ashutosh Chandel

Hi Sandeep,

The best way to simulate the SLC5/03/04/05 etc is to use the Rockwell Software's Emulator. This emolator can be purchased from RS and has the cability to simulate all the series of PLC's for Allen Bradley.


Ashutosh Chandel