SLC 5/04 OS401 Ver. C release date


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Bill Sturm

The subject says it all. The problem that I have is that I bought RSLogix500 last August and my customer bought a SLC 5/04 in September. The software talked of revision C processors. Since my SLC was brand new, I assumed that is what I would get. I used the BTW and BTR instructions in my program only to find that it has a Ver. B OS. My vendor is not cooperating in fixing the problem in a timely and free manner. They argue that they do not keep old revisions on their shelf, which may or may not be true. I would be curious to know when Rev. C was released. Thanks, Bill Sturm

amora fibrianto

I got the same problem with you Bill, I purchased my SLC5/04 processor last january. And I obtain my Logix500 upgrade from Rockwell website. I got to work with the old and nasty BTR/BTW construction in the RSLogix500. It's work but looks nasty in your logix programming, not mentioning a hard days of debugging. I got my NI8 and NO4I work fine in the SLC RIO, but i don't like the ladder logic. hard for me to debugging. And i'm gonna use 21 of them. AB got a firmware upgrade, but you got to buy it. And my question is who's responsibility ?? our's or rockwell ?? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.....blowing in the wind !!!!!

Eric M. Klintworth

Bill, The SLC OS's are flash upgradeable, and the kit to do so lists at $150. I've upgraded several processors, some ancient--my distributor's automation specialist just drops by with his upgrade kit, 10 minutes later we're done, no charge. This just shouldn't be a big deal! FWIW, the documentation updates for OS401 ver C are dated July 2000, so that's probably close to the release dates. Good luck, Eric M. Klintworth

Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hi Bill, I hope I've heard from the AB support rep that there's possibility to update SLC processors OS. Maybe you should go this way. Regards, Jacek Dobrowolski Software Eng. Automation Department Secondary Division International Tobacco Machinery Ltd. POLAND mailto: [email protected]