SLC 5/04 to Ethernet IP using DF1 Protocol


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Deke B

I am trying to communicate to a Cognex DM200 from a SLC 5/04. The DM200 is POE, since the 5/04 doesn't have ethernet how can I get the to communicate? I have purchased a ProSoft module, MVI46-DFNT, that I was assured would work, it doesn't. It seems the ProSoft DF1 wont support the SLC 5/04. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
The MVI46-DFNT does support a SLC 5/04. And it does communicate Ethernet I/P, however not all devices that communicate EtherNet I/P are the same.

If you can get a Wireshark capture of the communications between the device, ProSoft can take a look at that and determine if there is something in the communications (or lack of communication) between the Cognex and the ProSoft module.
Typical ProSoft move, I would call in ProSoft and demand that they provide a module that meets your needs. Rockwell is also responsible for allowing this vendor to make these claims.