SLC 5/05 and DH+

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Arturo Arevalo Escobar

Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a way to communicate a PLC5 to a SLC5/05 via DH+.

Not directly. SLC 5/05 has an Ethernet connection, not DH+. Some possibilities to communicate between the two are 1) replace the 5/05 with a 5/04 (which uses DH+), 2) add an Ethernet sidecar to the PLC5 (if possible) and communicate via Ethernet or 3) install a ControlLogix gateway (chassis with DH+ and Ethernet cards).
AB does have various interfaces available. Contact your AB distributor, since you'll have to go to hime for the interface anyways, let him
look it up for you and earn part of his commission.

Travis Meier

You can interface the SLC 5/05 and PLC-5 through a ControlLogix Gateway. The Gateway would have a 1756-DHRIO (for DH+) and a 1756-ENET
(Ethernet) card installed in it. The Gateway can then bridge between Ethernet and DH+.

Arturo Arevalo

Thank you, but that doesn't answer my question, it's a SLC5/05, it doesn't have a DH+ port, so I want to know if there is a module or
something to add to the Slc5/05 to communicate via DH+