SLC 5/05 RIO Configuration


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We are configuring RIO station for SLC based system. We have placed 1747SN (RIO Scanner)after SLC in 4-slot chassis. In RIO station we have
1747ASB (RIO Adaptor). after that two NI8I(Analog Input)then IA16(Digital Input) module.

With this configuration what will be addresses for Analog modules and Digital modules??

Bob Peterson

You will have to use block transfer instructions if you want to use all 8 analog inputs. The values will be in the block transfer area (M1 file) and you will have to pluck them from there and copy them to an integer file to use them.

The addresses of the digital inputs will depend on the addressing mode used. For instance, if you use single slot addressing they will be at I:01.2/00-15. The addressing mode is set by dip switches on the ASB module. You would then have to setup the scanner G file to reflect how you setup the ASB module.

All of this is well documented in the various manuals.

Bob Peterson