SLC 5 with Stepper module 1746-HSTP1


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After stumbling many times I managed to write ladder logic to control a stepper module on SLC 5/04 using RSlogix 500. But the program is bulky and is taking a lot of scan times. The PLC have 25 of the stepper modules in it and the total scan time is about 38mSec now. My cycle time of the machine is 1.7 sec. If any body have done it before please forward some ladder logic, may be your logic is simpler and better. Thank you in advance
I have written some logic to control these modules. My approach was quite a bit different from AB's. I needed to control them from integer values scaled in .001". Email me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] and I'll email you back a copy of my program in RSlogix.

Alan Whitfield

I have a successful program for controlling the stepper module with slc5/05.The machine has a DTAM micro operator panel from which the operator enters the required index and speed. It is used for indexing cartons in an overprinting machine.
The hardest part is getting the operator entered data into the two registers for MSB and LSB.
email me and i will send you the program.

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