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Does anyone know of a way to exclude some or all of the datafiles when downloading to a SLC-5/04 processor? We have a machine that we do periodic (2 to 3 weeks) upgrades to, as it is a new process, but a lot of the parameters are entered by the operators/process engineers, and when we download our program, it overwrites their data. We cannot just include their data in our program, since it changes daily. Can I either download just the ladder files, or upload just the data files and then download everything? Any suggestions? Thanks, --Joe Jansen

Jose Tolentino

Joe, I would suggest to modify your SLC program by grouping your parameter data into say PROG1 , PROG2 etc. Add a program selector switch to your panel and the operator would just have to select the program having the desired parameter data. I would not go as far as trimming the data files during download!
It is possible to copy and paste data files - you could copy the existing data from the current application and paste it into your new software. A bit long winded I know but it worked for me. Alex

Eric M. Klintworth

I was just writing a SLC program and stumbled on to the answer to your question. It being from April I had to explore the A-list archive to find out who had asked it!

In RSLogix500, offline programming only, right click/properties the data file you want to preserve. You can then select "static" protection and that data file won't be overwritten on a download (provided the file size in the downloaded program matches exactly, and the processor memory isn't corrupted, etc.). You can protect whichever data files you wish.

The RSLogix help is pretty good here. The SLC Instruction Set Reference Manual is almost silent on matter. See also S:36/10; that bit is set whenever a protected file is overwritten, so you could alert your operators. This feature is also supported in the MicroLogix 1200/1500 processors; the 1500 manual has a pretty good write-up.

I hope this is still useful to you after 4 months!

Eric M. Klintworth
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