SLC 500 error? Help plz


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Ralph Brooks

I've got an old Heald grinder that's been set up with one of these. It's worked flawlessly for quite some time, we powered it up this morning and got a 'No active nodes found on the network' alarm. I'm rather confused as to what network it refers to, as this thing is ancient. Is this something anyone has encountered before and can you point me in the right direction as to where to start looking?

I've got a decent pile of paperwork that came with this thing... Reams and reams of printouts and whatnot. I guess I'd just like to know what the heck went wrong.

Gerald Beaudoin

Sounds like the message displayed on a PanelView operator interface when it loses communication with the PLC. You did not say if the message was an error code in the PLC or where that message originated from???

When that message displayed on our PanelView 550, our problem turned out to be the comm plug inserted into the back of the PanelView. The securing screws were not properly tightened and the plug finally worked loose from vibration.

Re-seated the plug, tightened the screws, back up and running. Its the simple stuff that gets ya all the time !
I think, we have the same problem. We encountered almost the same problem. We focus on the Comm cable from PLC to PV550 but we did not found problem. We tried to replace the coupler but still the same, we tried to replace the HMI/PV550 and it works.