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Does anybody have experience with the 1746-HSRV single axis servo module with non-AB drives? I have a SLC 5/04 with that controls two older servo drives. I am considering replacing these drives with analog drive amplifiers such as G&L MMC using the SLC servo control module. (We use many G&L drives for complex motion apps) The manual details using AB drives but makes no mention of other drives. Can somebody please provide some experiences? Thanks.

William Sturm

I have never tried that particular combination, but analog servo drives will usually work with other controls that have an analog servo interface.

As long as the drive and controller both use a +-10 volt reference signal and the drive puts out an incremental quadrature encoder signal and the control has a quad encoder input, then it should work.

Keep in mind that you may have sinking/sourcing issues
with the enable and drive fault I/O, but you can overcome that by using relays.

Also, you will most likely need to run the drive in velocity mode, and tune the velocity loop in the drive. Most analog drives can do this, but you should ask.