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Mike Trombley

I am trying to get my SLC 150 software to work on a Gateway solo 2100 p120. I have had this software work on another computer running windows 95, unfortinatly I sold it. I get an error that states the comm port cannot be found. I can run other dos based programs withou a problem using the comm port. I am in the middle of re-doing the software on the system to only run dos programs. any suggestions am I missing something in the or autoexec.bat files?
You don't say your new operating system - operating systems after 95 don't let dos programs twiddle the hardware ports - like nt

If running 95 check your properties box

good luck
Try hooking your hardware to your pc and reboot and when it ask for the driver install your cd and point to it.
I assume your pcis software is running ok?

Using your pcis software you might have to pick a different comm port (i.e. comm2, comm3 etc)

Have you got the correct baud rate? this is configured via the pcis software

Ian Ingram
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If you have Allen-Bradley RSLinx installed on your computer, you might try removing any drivers that are using the COM ports. RSlinx has a tendency to take over the COM port even if its not active.