SLC5/03 passthrough


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Gantt Robert

Hello list members.

Does anybody know if I can download to my Panelview 550 (DH-485 comm port) using the SLC-5/03 as a bridge/passthrough device? I'd like to hook the SLC and the PV through their DH-485 ports, my laptop to the SLC's RS-232 port, and (hopefully) transfer my application from panelbuilder to PV550. The reason for wanting to do this is that sometimes I can't get hold of a PIC to download directly to the PV550 from my laptop. I read in the manuals about RIO
passthrough, but I don't think/know if it can be
applied to my case.

I use Panelbuilder 900C (version 2.01, 1996) for
programming the PV, and Rslogix 500 for the SLC.

Any comment/advise very much appreciated.

The 5/03 does not support a pass-thru connection from the RS-232 port to the DH-485 port. You need either a 1747-PIC, 1761-NET-AIC or a 1747-KE module.