SLC5/04 DH+ to DH485 comms


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Peter D. Clarke

I am trying to setup RSlinx communicating on DH+ to see a DH485 network through an SLC5/04 PLC?

I have two plc's communicating via KE cards,

PLC01-DH485 = Chan.0 Node 01, KE Node 20(passtru)
PLC02-DH485 = Chan.0 Node 20, KE Node 01(passtru)

If I connect to PLC01 Chan.0 with DH485, I can see nodes 01 and 02 and a message block within PLC01 will communicate with PLC02.

However, If I connect to PLC01 with DH+ I can expand rslinx to see PLC01 Chan.0 as DH485 Node 01 but i cannot see PLC02 Chan.0 Node 2???

Any ideas would be appreciated..


(My previous problems with the modem comms was sorted. I needed to send messages before the comms became active)