Working on a shrink wrap program using a
"AB SLC500/03"CPU and an
AB Panelview Plus600 HMI.
I have a logic sequence that is true, but the Binary OTE will NOT change state. No duplicate rung using the same bit address can be found. Installed a jumper in logic around all instructions,and Binary output will not turn on. Any suggestions ??
Here are a couple of things to check.
Is the OTE instruction in a subroutine (a ladder file other than LAD2)? If so, make sure that subroutine is being called.
Check the cross-reference for any instructions using the word that contains the bit. In other words, if you're trying to control B3:0/5, see if word B3:0 is used anywhere.

Can you identify which bit address isn't working and attach the RSLogix file here?