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Amora Fibrianto

Dear All,
I have use AB PLC5 BCM for PLC redundancy, and it's worked just fine.

I would like to hear if anyone has an experience with AB SLC500 BSN, regarding :
1. Limitation
2. Special consideration on implementation.

I would appreciate any suggestion here.

I personally have design (just tried to design) a Redundant SLC500 :
1. 2 SLC5/04 with BSN Module
2. 1 ASB Module with 3 ea 10 slot rack (via interconnection cable)
3. Approximate I/O count wouldbe 300 I/O points (20% Analog)

Is it OK ??

Amora Fibrianto
Engineering Dept.
Somit Automation

Greg Critton

I am an Allen-Bradley distributor and I did one of these systems with a customer. It worked very well, the new operatiing system in the SLC's has Block transfer instructions built in making working with the Analog modules and transfering data between processors easier.

If you want to put any HMI on the DH+ network you will need another set of BSN to switch this network.

Greg Critton

Amora Fibrianto

Dear All,

According to my manual..........
An NI8 module is not in the list of supported module in Remote Rack (ASB user manual).........

But I got one comment in knowledge base that i can use it with BTW/BTR instruction......

IF use 7 NI8 module........can the BSN handle this ??
How about rack, group and slot addressing of the NI8 module.........

I got one experience too.....that PLC5 BCM sometimes doesn't work fine (no switching occurs)..
Is this bug also exist in BSN module ??

I'm not trying to use another BSN module for HMI communication........I'm gonna use DF-1 which already include in BSN module........

But thanks for your comment's very helpfull to us.....

Amora Fibrianto.......