SLC500 RS-232 Communication


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I have a 1747-KE DH485/RS232 Interface Module through which I want to receive RS232 communication from an external device, through the DF1 port.

I do not want to use the DH485 ports. What are the exact steps required to set this up, where will the data received be stored.
The purpose of the 1747-KE module is to convert packets in the asynchronous DF1 protocol to the token-passing DH485 protocol. Usually a DF1 message comes in and is routed to the DH485 port, which is usually tied directly to the DH485 port of an SLC-5/01, /02, or /03.

If you need to bring DF1 messages directly into a SLC-500 memory table, or if you need to bring ASCII RS232 data into an SLC-500 memory table, you
need to take the 1747-KE back to your dealer and get a 1747-BAS module. It's programmable in Intel BASIC52 and you'll find a number of simple
example programs to exchange simple ASCII data from the SLC backplane to the outside world.

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle