SLC505, PV600, Devicenet & Ethernet


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I have a Panelview 600 connected to the Devicenet network hosted by a SLC5/05 with Devicenet Scanner. I am communicating with the SLC with RSLinx using an ethernet connection. RSLinx network has a 1747-SDNPT driver setup, and it can see the PV600. I can upload a screen into Panelbuilder32 software, but cannot download new screen, error message is "Error (2288) Host has a problem and will not communicate." This occurs at the "Preparing for File Transfer" stage. Problem happens with a desktop PC & notebook. Downloading via RS232 works OK, but I need to program screen & SLC via ethernet. Anyone have any solutions?

I've also had problems with a ethernet connection to dual Panelview 1000's on a DH Link. This 5/05 has ports for the ethernet and RS-232, but are connected to the 5/05's RS-232 port via a 1761-NET-AIC to the DH network.

AB told me that while the 5/05 is a true ethernet host, the connection between it and the (in my case - DH, in yours Devicenet) is not "bi-lateral" and therefore represents a read-only device from the panelviews to the ethernet network.

The only work-around I've come up with is getting access through the spare port on the 1761 (a interface converter from RS-232 <> DH). It will allow remote programming but is slower then heck!!!

Assuming you can gain programming access via DeviceNet, this is the way to go... unless you want to buy the hardware to make your Panelviews true ethernet devices instead of "bridged" through the processor and its devicenet connection. Never tried that (too expensive, probably) and a little overkill for just data display/operator control purposes.

Let me know if you get any other suggestions... AB wasn't awfully helpful..