SLOW PERFORMANCE Control Logix 5550-OPC-Intouch


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Javier Garcia

PLC . Control Logix 5550 Ethernet Module. OPC Ingear as Sever OPC Link As Client Intouch. We have 730 variables in 8 topics where : Tags In Arrays : 495 (in 14 arrays) Tags in PID format : 168 (14 PID definitions) Individuals : 67 We are experimenting a response of around 5 second from the field , to the HMI. Is terrible. Somebody have worked with this kind of topology ? Thanks Javier GARCIA Harper International

Rod Doolittle

Javier, A question that I have, What version of Intouch, with SP. What version of OPCLink do you have. OPC link has problems when you have more than two topics defined. It doesn't seem to be tag count dependant. I was told that the latest version of OPCLink is supposed to be better but... This might not help but I don't believe that it is a problem with your Control Logix. I have an app out that has a dozen of control logix on the network and pulling thousands of tags. Rod

Carlos Longeri

What do you have between the PLC and the server (Hub, Switch)? Do you have separate ethernet cards in your server for the plc and the HMI workstation? What do you have between the server and the HMO workstations (hub, switch, speed) ? How many workstation do you have? Carlos

Evan Johnson

Hi Javier - I've used the INGEAR AB OPC Server with Intouch and RSView32 with little or no problems (ControlLogix via ENET as well as PKTX for DH+). You may want to contact either Wonderware or INGEAR support, they've always been very helpful and quick to respond. I also see that Wonderware has a some sort of agreement for the INGEAR OPC Servers. Regards, Evan

Javier Garcia

Iam using : WINNT 4.0 Service Pack 6a Pentium 800 Mhz, 128 Meg RAM 10Meg NIC to 1756-ENET WonderWare Intouch ver Wonderware OPCLink ver INGEAR OPC Server version I have a direct conecction between the HMI and the etehernet module in the PLC, No hubs, no nothing. I was testing and the performance is better if I increse the update in each topic in the OPC Link (3000ms).(Teh velocity now is Between 1 and 3 sec) When I had 1000 the response was a round 5 or 7 secs. I changed also the tick Time to 250 ms, and the Update Interval in the HMI to 1000ms. Somebody may suggest any change ?

INGEAR Support

Javier We looked over the InTouch project files you sent us and ran it here in our lab. We attribute the reason you are experiencing 3 sec updates rates is related to having 3000ms update rates in your OPCLink Topic Definitions. This is expected behavior. As we mentioned in our e-mails , we recommend you adjust the OPCLink Topic update rates to gain the performance you desire. If there is anything further we can do for you please feel free to contact us. We will leave your support incident open. Best Regards, INGEAR Support.

Martin, Evan

Do you know for a fact it is actualy slow or is it being clooged with errors? If you don't already place a network monitor on the system. This may bring to light some of the issues.
I am developing a distributed control system using Iconics HMI/InGear OPC at three locations EtherNet/IP to ControlLogix PLCs. I will have around 3000 Logix tags (Bool, Int, Dint, Real) hat are NOT set up as arrays. Do you think I should reconfigure my data into arrays to streamline OPC communication between HMI and PLCs?