Slurry Density Measurement in Ash Wastewater


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M B Ravikumar

I work as an independent NDT consultant in India offering innovative solutions to the testing industry with my main concentration being the construction industry. I often receive inquiries from other industries as well. Could anybody suggest me an appropriate gauge which could measure the slurry density in a coal based power plant?

Ash is removed from hopper using waste water in the form of slurry and carried by pipe and discharged at Ash dyke. The scope is to measure the density which is to understand about the ash water ratio (AWR) based on the fact that density is decreased with increase in ash water ratio. The device should be able to measure the density from 1.17 gm/cc (+/-0.01) to 1.605 gm/cc (+/- 0.01) at an ash slurry concentration of 26.30% to 65.59% respectively at a flow rate of ~ 3.5 meter per minutes in a ~ 0.75 meter diameter steel pipe (of ~ 20 mm thickness steel pipe) at ambient temperature. I would like to integrate this data of density to the factory automation software.

Can anyone give advice about a suitable, fairly accurate device?

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There are various sludge/slurry meters on the market, but suggest you search for distributors local to your area as most meters are for sludges and industrial wastes, not for ash. You would need to ask them how capable and accurate their devices would be.

Here in the UK major systems convey ash pneumatically and although it's a few years ago, I recall the metering device weigh the throughput dynamically with considerable accuracy.