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I'm searching for suitable method for measuring slurry level inside process tank. the installed measurement now is radar level transmitter (khrone 7300C). but we are facing problems in reading. its go up and down and contains many fluctuation. i think in installation an alternative method like Remote seal Differential pressure transmitter to act as a level transmitter. but i'm afraid from the blocking in nozzles because the slurry is very sticky and the nozzle may be exposed to blockage. what do you think about that? and which is better in measuring slurry level?
You haven't really given us enough information.
Temperature? pressure? slurry composition? does the density vary?
Is the tank agitated?

Radar should work, is it bouncing off some obstruction in the tank. Do you have diagnostic software that shows you the echo?

I worked in mining for many years and had a lot of success with bubble tubes, in particular where the slurry was hot. A bubble tube will be effected by changes in density.

A DP cell on the bottom of the tank will work also. they can be fitted so the diaphragm is almost flush. however, if you have an agitator, I cannot recommend that method. The agitated slurry will quickly wear through the thin diaphragm.

Whatever method you use should be measuring the level near the discharge nozzle.
Dear Sir,

You have not mentioned slurry temperature in your email. In my opinion Endress FMR 57 will be suitable for your requirement. If your slurry Temp is more than 400 deg cen, then please discuss your local E+H representative.