Small AC/DC converters for prox sensors


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Garrett Place

I am looking for a small AC-DC converter for proximity sensors. We have AC applications that can only be solved with a DC sensor. Does anyone know of a small converter for this type application.

We have a latching sensor and sensor with two relays for control. They both take 120 VAC in and have both output to a dry contact like a reed switch and 28 VDC low mA for other sensor control.
Is this what you want? Look under control devices at

We could set one up for low VAC in if that is required. The instructions may not show the DC output as we do not make the sensor to go with that yet. It is something will will be doing soon. But you will get the idea.

I belive full installation instructions are online as well. The picture is of an early version - new models c/w LED. Size - will fit in the palm of your hand.

Thanks Bob Hogg

Curt Wuollet

A diode bridge, a capacitor and a 24V three terminal regulator.
You may need another small capacitor for stability.
Maybe 5 bucks and pretty small. I assume you have 24VAC available.




Michael Griffin

What are you looking for? Are you looking for a small DC power supply to power the sensor, or are you looking for a way to interface a DC sensor to an AC input?
If the former, then Omron makes some small DC supplies, including some they used to call "sensor controllers" (I don't know if they make them anymore). If the latter, then there are plenty of small DC-AC opto-couplers made by various terminal block companies.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada


Carter Massey

Banner Engineering has two devices that will work. SPS101QP and CP12RC.

You bring 120VAC to the units and they supply 24VDC to the sensors. When the sensor output changes state (either NPN or PNP) the controller has a SPDT relay that will energize allowing you to switch up to 5 amps AC.