Small Datalogger with removable memory ?


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Mark Hill

Hi all;

I'm in need to a bunch of SMALL dataloggers with the following limited spec's:

withstand high temp
2 X RTD inputs
1 X counter input
removable memory
adjustable sampling scheme

Any suggestions ?

Mark Hill
[email protected]
Have you talked to ACR in Vancouver, BC?


Walt Boyes -- MarketingPractice Consultants
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21118 SE 278th Place - Maple Valley, WA 98038
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Pascal Poirier

Maybe you could have a look at Hioki's 3631-3635 Logger Series.

These are VERY small 16000 data points loggers and you can transfert the memory of up to 16 of them in a portable "Communication base" to further use on a PC. You can log temp., humidity, current, voltage. (not sure for counter though...)

Didn't tried it yet, but i have other Hioki's stuff and it works very well.

Pascal Poirier
[email protected]