Small HMI suitable for outdoors


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Bill Townsley

Can anyone suggest a decent HMI that can be used outdoors? Location is in Southern CA, so the minimum temp. rating shouldn't be a problem. Bright sunshine, however, will be (for readability). I have both Ethernet and DH-485 comm. highways available. The screen doesn't need to be large but I would prefer colour and graphic abilities.

Thanks in advance.

Siemens has an Operator Panel that is well suited for outdoor use. It is
called the MP370. It comes in two flavors; touch and non-touch. It as a
CE OS and can use Siemens ProTool Runtime, some already certified 3rd
party HMI software or self developed Visual C++ embedded. Check out
Ron Powers
Senior Product Specialist-HMI
Validation Center
Strategic Machinery Division
Siemens Energy & Automation