Small PLC or smartmeter for water flow measurement


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Michael T

We have 300 locations on a water network where we wish to log water flow data. A single pulse input to a small form factor PLC or smartmeter is all that is required at each location. The 12vdc units need to be battery powered with solar charging. The data is then recorded by the device and when required transmitted to a masterstation using OPC (or similar). Can anyone recommend a suitable low cost device for this simple data logging task?

The EtherMeter, which my company manufactures, might be a good fit for your application.

It works with most off-the-shelf water meters and each unit can accept one or two meter inputs -- absolute encoder readings (revenue-grade accuracy) and/or pulse inputs.

It can natively speak to your data collection network using modbus, df1, and ethernet/ip; and it can communicate via rs-232/rs-485 serial or ethernet.

If you'd like to discuss, our contact information is available at scadametrics dot com.