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Andre Pablo G. Fausto

Looking for other small RTU with 1 or 2 4-20mA analog input. To be used as part of a flood forecasting system for rain gauge and water level measurement at various sites. I have actually found one BUSWAREdirect, having 4AI and 4DIs. Has anyone actually tried this product out? Any comments would be highly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Andre Pablo "Apaul" G. Fausto Nayon Kontrol Systems 354 (44) Quezon Avenue Quezon City, Philippines Tel. +63 2 4485074 Fax. +63 2 4485077
I would refer you to Global Water at John Dickerman can help you. Tell him I sent you. Walt Boyes --------------------------------------------- Walt Boyes -- MarketingPractice Consultants [email protected] 21118 SE 278th Place - Maple Valley, WA 98038 253-709-5046 cell 425-432-8262 home office fax:801-749-7142 ICQ: 59435534 "Strategic marketing, sales and electronic business consulting for the small and medium-sized enterprise:"

Robert Smyth

There are a number RTUs made for flood warning applications. The communications protocol often used is the ALERT protocol. Do a web search for ALERT PROTOCOL RTU and I think you will find quite a few. They are very low cost. I "think" that Elpro Technologies in Brisbane / Australia make such an RTU. Try (I have not checked that). If you do not have success, contact me direct. Robert Smyth EngWare Pty Ltd ? Voice: 0411 202 514 ? Fax: 02 9222 1457 ? E-mail: [email protected]