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Rafael Carmona

Here in Mexico there are not many applications using the concept "Smart MCC" (CCM inteligente in spanish)it is a new and most of the final users are afraid to give the first step.

Both MCC builders Schneider and Rockwell say they have the best technology (field bus communication network, smart overload relay, smart motor starter, smart power monitor, plc, security .....) .

But who is who in reality ? Have you read something about it somewhere ?

Thanks and have a good day.
Hello Rafael. Both make a good product. You might want to base your decision on who will provide you with the best support and who will be easiest to get replacement parts from. Since your in North America Rockwell is generally easily available, and as for Schneider, if you're meaing Square D products in the MCC, availabilty will generally be excellent, but may vary by region. If you're looking at Schneider's euro stuff, availability may be significantly less.

Rafael Carmona

You may be right, today the difference coul be the quality of the service. But if someday you find a benchmark or an article about it I will appreciate if you email me.

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Bob Peterson

Realistically, you are looking at a choice based solely on your decision as to what PLC communications network you want to use. If you want to use Devicenet, that AB MCCs is an option. AFAIK, thats the only option if you want to use AB.

OTOH - the expense of using Devicenet or other fieldbus to control a MCC is not generally cost justified. You can place a small remote I/O rack (of whatever communications flavor you choose) in an MCC bucket more economically.

Just MHO (backed up by lots of quotes both ways).
It is NOT worth it. Basically, a solid state overload is the way to go. From experience, networking starers is a nightmare unless you get everything from a single suppplier which have the network & control support being them. Not a system house.
Again, I believe I-O wired to starters is the lowest cost and the most simple way of achieving the same result.

Cutler-Hammer is the way to go. No doubt about it, after the IT product release Square D and AB are a joke.

Using DeviceNet, (open network) you don't have to worry about interface problems.

We (our company) has used this product on several project(s), mostly water/wastewater apps.

Works great, can't say enough good things about it.

The best part is the enhanced troublshooting and easy start-ups. LOVE IT.